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The F.A.Q

  • How does WORTH FUNDS work?
    Each project is independently created and crafted by BEHIND GAME GROUP whom have complete control and responsibility over all projects. We spend weeks building each project pages, shooting the videos, and brainstorming what rewards to offer backers. When we're ready, BEHIND GAME GROUP launch the project and share it with the site community. Every project BEHIND GAME GROUP sets the project's funding goal and deadline. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short, only backers interested are charged. Funding on WORTH FUNDS is all-or-a part.
  • Why do people back projects?
    The first backers of WORTH FUNDS are our friends or some are supporting us they've short business collaboration with good experience with co-founders. Many are just inspired by a new idea. Others are inspired by a project's rewards — a copy of what's being made, a limited edition, or a custom experience related to the project. Backing a project is more than just giving someone money. It's supporting their dream to be/take a part of create something amazing, reliable, good for planet in the world.
  • Do backers get ownership or equity in the projects they fund?
    Yes. WORTH TEARS is used to offer financial returns or equity but not to solicit loans. Projects that are funded on WORTH TEARS may go on to make money. Backers are supporting projects to transform it in company or to help them to grow financially profit.
  • Can WORTH FUNDS be used to fund anything?
    All projects come exclusively from BEHIND GAME GROUP as incubator of projects in existing subsidiaries or to create subsidiaries in the fields of Technology, Health & Well-being, Fashion & Design, Performing Arts, Art & Photography, Film & Video, Sports, Childhood & Education and Other projects. A project has a clear goal, like designing clothes, making an online education program. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it. WORTH FUNDS does allow projects to fundraise for charity (Other projects category) or offer financial incentives. Check out our rules for details.
  • Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?
    It's BEHIND GAME GROUP's responsibility to complete the project fund. WORTH FUNDS is Software As A Service to find backers indeed. BEHIND GAME GROUP keep 30 to 51% of existing or future subsidiaries and backers will obtain shares in B category . BEHIND GAME GROUP does guarantee projects and the ability to complete the project. Backers ultimately not decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it.
  • How does WORTH FUNDS make money?
    WORTH FUNDS is not a company but a SaaS- Software As A Service of company named BEHIND GAME GROUP. When a project is successfully funded, BEHIND GAME GROUP applies a 10% fee to the funds collected. All pledges are processed securely by our third-party payments partner, Stripe. These payment processing fees work out to roughly 3-5% and share certificate fees roughly 2-5%. View the fee breakdowns. At the end of campaign, if the project does not reach its funding goal, BEHIND GAME GROUP could ask a bank loans to complete 10% remaining for an existing subsidiary or review the project's business plan in view of the funds obtained.
  • How do I pledge?
    Congratulations on finding a project that you’d like to support! Before we start, make sure that you’re logged in to a WORTH FUNDS account. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for one here. Create an Account is FREE. Once your pledge has gone through you should receive a confirmation email to confirm that you are now a backer of the project. Your card will be charged when the project reaches its deadline. If you didn't reach a "Thank you!" confirmation page and/or you didn't receive a confirmation email (title: "You just backed [Project Name]"), it's likely that your pledge did not go through and you may want to try again.
  • When is my card charged?
    If you’re backing a project, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If a project is cancelled before it reaches its deadline, then your pledge will not be collected and no additional action will be required. Some backers may see a temporary authorization of funds at the time of pledging, before a project has ended. Authorizations generally drop after a few days, but this process can vary depending on your financial institution. If you notice an authorization that doesn’t drop, we recommend contacting your bank or card issuer for more details about their authorization procedure.
  • Common Pledge Problems
    How do I know if my pledge went through? If you didn't reach a "Thank you!" confirmation page and/or you didn't receive a confirmation email (title: "You just backed [Project Name]"), it's likely that your pledge did not go through. If the pledge cannot be submitted, you may also receive an error message on the pledge page. Note that if you’re unable to pledge in the first place, the issue might be due to authentication requirements from your bank. The requirements might be a 3DS authentication challenge where you’ll be prompted to enter a code or password. It’s also possible that your mobile device does not support the 3DS technology from your bank so you’ll want to try to pledge and complete the authentication challenge on your desktop. If your bank has given you the greenlight that the pledge transaction should go through, you will need to try again — we do not try to re-authenticate automatically. If you continue to experience issues, you can follow the steps below. I am having trouble pledging, what can I do? In most cases, pledging troubles may be due to an issue with the card being used. We recommend the following troubleshooting steps: - Double check to make sure that the credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, security code, and zip code have all been entered correctly. - Contact your bank to make sure there are no holds on your card, and to also make sure that: No additional authorization is required of you. - Your card is authorized for foreign transactions if your pledge is to a project in another country. - If you're using a pre-paid card or debit card, that you have enough funds available - If you're pledging at a high amount, that your bank is aware that we may issue an authorization check for a portion of the total amount pledged - Some banks may be unfamiliar with how WORTH FUNDS works, in that we authorize your card when you first pledge, but we do not charge it until later, if and when the project ends having met its funding goal. It's worth explaining this to the representative you speak with at your financial institution - If you continue to encounter errors, we recommend trying a different card. - If you’re still having trouble pledging after that, please contact our Support team. I am having trouble pledging to a limited reward When a reward is selected this does not guarantee its availability. If several backers are attempting to pledge to the same limited tier or add-on at the same time, then it’s possible that it may sell out before your pledge can be processed. If the limited reward sells out while your pledge is being processed, then no confirmation will be received and you will need to start the pledge process again by selecting a different available reward. I pledged to a project, but I don’t see the pledge on my account? Firstly, we recommend double-checking that you are logged in to the correct WORTH FUNDS account. You should also check any other email accounts you own for an email confirmation from WORTH TEARS, or try logging in with these email addresses, as it’s possible that you might have created more than one account. - Check your email inbox for a pledge confirmation email and a link to activate your WORTH FUNDS account. - If you received a confirmation for your pledge, you want to make sure that it came from WORTH FUNDS and not a third-party pledge manager, such as BackerKit, PledgeBox, CrowdOx, or a similar service. If you contributed to the project via one of these services, there will be no record of your transaction on our end and therefore it will not appear as a pledge on your WORTH FUNDS account. You’ll need to reach out to the project creator directly with any questions or to request an update. - Still not seeing your pledge on your account, or tied to any of your other email addresses, and you didn’t receive a pledge confirmation email? Please contact our Support team. I can’t remember the email address I used for my pledge? If you are having trouble finding a pledge, or remembering the email address associated with your WORTH FUNDS account, it’s possible that you might have mistyped your email address when pledging, and consequently you might not be receiving updates to your account. We’re happy to help you locate your pledge or account, please get in touch with us to get this process started. My pledge was declined. How can I retry my payment? If your pledge is declined, you’ll be able to retry the payment. We recommend taking action promptly, however, as backers have 7 days to resolve payment issues before they're dropped from the project. Until your pledge has been successfully collected, we’ll send you an email every 48 hours with a direct link to correct the issue. During the 7-day timeframe you can also log in to your WORTH FUNDS account and click the “Fix payment” button in the banner at the top of your screen. On the next page, click the “Retry your payment” button to retry or update your pledge with a different card. It’s possible that the payment error has occurred due to additional authentication requirements from your bank, or due to a hard decline from your bank. In the case of authentication requirements, this could be a 3DS challenge where you’ll be prompted to enter a code or password by your bank. As 3DS technologies from banks are often not compatible with mobile devices, you’ll want to try to complete the authentication on a desktop if you run into issues. We do not automatically try to re-authenticate a pledge, so if you speak to your bank and get the greenlight on the transaction, you’ll need to try to authenticate again via the “Fix payment” button in the banner. If you continue to experience issues, you can follow the steps below for authentication troubleshooting. - Additionally, for pledges made with Apple Pay it isn’t possible to retry a payment through Apple Pay. In these instances, you’ll need to retry the payment by either manually adding your card details, or choosing a card from your saved payment methods. When a payment is declined, it may not necessarily be the case that there’s a specific issue with your card, so much as that you’ll need to ask your bank why this charge in particular is being declined. You may also want to include the following details for this transaction: - The charge being from WORTH FUNDS - The amount pledged for the project - The date when WORTH FUNDS attempted to collect your pledge. This will be the date that the project you backed ended. If the project hasn't ended yet, you can use the date you attempted to pledge - Check that the bank allows $0 authorization attempts - Mention the time/date of each validation/charge attempt - Check whether your bank participates in the Address Verification System (AVS) - Additionally, it may be helpful to request that your bank “whitelist” any charges from WORTH FUNDS Once you’ve contacted your bank, feel free to log in to WORTH FUNDS account from which you pledged and click the “Fix Payment” button in the “Important Notifications” banner. Please note that we'll automatically retry your pledge at the end of the 7-day timeframe, unless you’ve already fixed the payment. How will I know when my pledge has gone through? Once your pledge has been processed successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the email address tied to your WORTH FUNDS account. Rest assured, you will only be charged once for your pledge to the project. If we’re still unable to process your payment at the end of the 7-day timeframe, your pledge will be dropped and you will no longer be considered a backer of the project. If your pledge is dropped and you would still like to support the project, we recommend contacting the Support team of WORTH FUNDS to try and sort out an alternative arrangement as a bank transfert for example. I have a new email address and need help accessing pledges on an older account If the email address associated with your WORTH FUNDS account is no longer active, you’ll need to get in touch with us in order to answer a few security questions so that we can manually update your email address on the account. Please contact our Support team and we’ll be happy to help you with this process as quickly as possible. Please have the details of your most recent pledge handy before contacting us. I’m seeing multiple charges for the same pledge You won’t be charged for your pledge until the campaign project ended. However, our payments processor may temporarily authorize your card to make sure it can be successfully charged. While authorizations generally drop after a few days, this process can vary depending on the financial institution. If the authorization doesn’t drop in the week following a project’s deadline, we recommend contacting your bank for more details about their authorization procedure. If you’re still unsure about any charges coming from WORTH FUNDS, please get in touch. I’m having trouble authenticating my pledge Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is part of PSD2, has gone into effect for some countries in the European Economic Area, as of September 14, 2019. SCA requires additional authentication for some online payments for cardholders located in Europe, which users will be prompted for by their financial institution during the pledge process. However, please note that SCA is not limited to only European cardholders, some banks worldwide have begun to employ this extra measure to ensure the security of their cardholders transactions. If you’re experiencing issues authenticating your pledge, we recommend following the below steps to help troubleshoot: - Check that the credit or debit card information has been entered correctly and make sure that the card you’re using is one of our accepted forms of payment - If you're accessing the site via a desktop, check this list of recent browser updates to see if you’re running the latest version. Using an outdated version of your browser could be the root of the issue - Try clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history too - As the authorization module is specific to your bank, it's possible that their pop-up or redirect is not compatible with the device or browser you are currently using. Try to authorize your pledge using another browser or device - Contact your bank or credit card provider. It may not be a specific issue with your card, so much as that you’ll need to ask your bank or card issuer to authorize the transaction. Mention the time/date of each validation/charge attempt and ensure that the bank allows $0 authorization attempts - If you continue to experience difficulty, please make note of the steps you have taken and take a screenshot of any error message you’re receiving, then get in touch with our Support team.
  • As Individual : What is the minimum and maximum amount I can pledge to a project?
    As Individual, the maximum amount you can pledge to a project varies based on a project's country of origin as some project could be out of Europe. It is also not possible for us to set a reward tier higher than the maximum pledge amount allowed for the project’s location. The maximum amount you can pledge to a project is: US-based projects: $10,000 UK-based projects: £8,000 Canada-based projects: $13,000 CAD Australia-based projects: $13,000 AUD New Zealand-based projects: $14,000 NZD Mexico-based projects: $200,000 MXN Japan-based projects: ¥1,200,000 JPY Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Slovenia-based projects: €8,500 Sweden-based projects: 85000 SEK Denmark-based projects: 65000 DKK Norway-based projects: 80000 NOK Switzerland-based projects: 9500 CHF Hong Kong-based projects: 75000 HKD Singapore-based projects: 13000 SGD Poland-based projects: 37,250 PLN Additionally, there is a minimum amount that you can pledge to a project. This amount chosen by WORTH FUNDS based on share certificate statement. The minimum amount you can pledge to a project is: US-based projects: $500 UK-based projects: £500 Canada-based projects: $500 CAD Australia-based projects: $500 AUD New Zealand-based projects: $500 NZD Mexico-based projects: $500 MXN Japan-based projects: ¥500 JPY Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Slovenia-based projects: €500 Sweden-based projects: 500 SEK Denmark-based projects: 500 DKK Norway-based projects: 500 NOK Switzerland-based projects: 500 CHF Hong Kong-based projects: 500 HKD Singapore-based projects: 500 SGD Poland-based projects: 500 PLN
  • What is this charge from WORTH FUNDS on my bank statement?
    If a project you've backed on WORTH FUNDS reaches its ending campaign, your chosen payment method will be charged your full pledge amount. The way that your charge appears on your credit or bank statement will differ slightly for each project you back, but they all follow the same format. The statement charge will begin with WORTH FUNDS : followed by the first 9 characters of the name of the project you backed. (i.e. A project titled "MyBodyLike Marketplace" will appear on your statement as WORTH FUNDS :EXPMARKET.) Although we format our charge descriptions in this way, your financial institution might adjust how this appears on your statement. If you're unsure about whether or not a charge is from WORTH FUNDS, or if you simply don’t recognize the transaction, please reach out your bank or credit company first to confirm the charge's associated merchant. If, after doing so, you are still unsure about a charge, please contact our support team.
  • A project has ended but I’d still like to pledge to it, is this possible?"
    If you weren’t able to pledge to a project before it reached its deadline, or you’ve come across an interesting project that has already ended, it’s no longer possible to pledge to the project through WORTH FUNDS. To see if there’s a way you can support the project outside of WORTH FUNDS we recommend reaching out to BEHIND GAME GROUP directly. I pledged via a link on an ended project page but it isn’t showing in my Backed projects? To be recognized as a backer of a project on WORTH FUNDS, you must pledge when a project is still live, either by clicking the green “Back this project” button or by selecting a reward tier. If you followed a link on the project page to a page outside of WORTH FUNDS, and pledged on a separate site, there is no record of your transaction with WORTH TEARS . Therefore, it's not possible to be reflected as a backer and you will be unable to comment or view backer-only updates. In instances where you pledged via a link on a separate site you should reach out to BEHIND GAME GROUP with any specific questions about your contribution.
  • How can I find interesting projects to back?
    There are a bunch of ways to find cool projects: Our Newsletters: We have several newsletters that you can sign up for to receive customized notifications about projects you care about. Following: Connect your Facebook account to WORTH FUNDS to follow your friends and check out the projects they're backing. You can also follow their favorite on site to see what projects they back. Advanced Search: Want to find illustration projects near you? Or maybe bacon-themed projects? Use Advanced Search to explore projects that interest you. Want to know how advanced search works? The Recommendations Page: A personalized hub for some projects we think you might like, based on your backing and browsing history on WORTH FUNDS. Take our Quiz: This will help personalize the recommendations we serve to you across the site.
  • I haven't received my reward yet
    When BEHIND GAME GROUP is building their project on WORTH FUNDS, setting an estimated delivery date for each reward is a requirement. However, this is intended to give BEHIND GAME GROUP a date to aim towards, rather than an assurance of when backers can expect to start receiving their rewards. Remember, the estimated delivery date is an estimate, not a guarantee. As a first step, we’d recommend checking the estimated delivery date for the specific reward that you selected, to see what month BEHIND GAME GROUP had hoped to begin shipping. You can also check the pledge details to see if BEHIND GAME GROUP has set a status for your reward. Next, check if BEHIND GAME GROUP hasn’t posted a new update in a month, you’ll see the option to anonymously request a new update. Every project approach can be different, and from time to time it may hit an unexpected bump in the road or face an unavoidable delay. It’s also not uncommon for BEHIND GAME GROUP to underestimate how much time it will actually take to bring a project to life. Unlike an online shop, there’s a chance something could prevent BEHIND GAME GROUP from completing a project by the date it had initially aimed for. When BEHIND GAME GROUP is facing a delay to its estimated delivery date we expect them to communicate these setbacks and keep backers in the loop. If after requesting a new update via the project page BEHIND GAME GROUP still hasn’t posted an update, the next step should be to send them a message through WORTH FUNDS to check in and see how things are going. You could also post a comment on the project page.
  • What happens if a project is delayed?
    We know that backing a project, and the anticipation of receiving your reward, can be exciting. It’s important to remember, however, that when you decide to pledge towards a project on WORTH FUNDS you are not purchasing, or pre-ordering, an existing item—you are helping to create something new. The estimated delivery date has passed When BEHIND GAME GROUP is building their project on WORTH FUNDS, they are required to set an estimated delivery date. This date is intended as a goal for when BEHIND GAME GROUP hopes to start shipping rewards, and should not be treated as a guarantee of when backers can expect to start receiving rewards. Remember, this date is an estimate. Project delays can happen for a number of reasons and are to be expected when something new is being created. Many projects on WORTH FUNDS are in the early stages of development, which means as a backer you get to be a part of the creative process. It also means that a project can shift along the way, and unanticipated challenges may arise that delay the initial timeline laid out by BEHIND GAME GROUP. This may be just a few weeks, but it is not uncommon for delays to go over six months. A delayed project does not mean it’s a failed project. Typically, BEHIND GAME GROUP is running a project from beginning to end all by themselves, or with just a small team. It’s also possible that they underestimated how long it would take to actually produce the rewards and get everything finished within a certain timeframe. They may have encountered an unavoidable bump in the road that means more time is needed. Remember: backing is not buying, and delays do not mean a project is over. Our article “I haven't received my reward yet” shares some next steps we recommend when the estimated delivery date has passed. BEHIND GAME GROUP isn’t responding to messages Oftentimes a project will have 100s, possibly even 1000s of backers, and BEHIND GAME GROUP’s inbox can quickly become overwhelmed, resulting in it taking more time for them to get back to everyone. We recommend waiting a week or two before sending a follow up. BEHIND GAME GROUP ran a project to bring a passion project to life. As such they may also be working on their project alongside a full-time job or other commitments, so make sure to allow some time for BEHIND GAME GROUP to get back to you, or address your concerns in a project update. If BEHIND GAME GROUP hasn’t posted a new update in over 4 weeks, you can request an update via the project page. In instances where BEHIND GAME GROUP has become overwhelmed we ask that you are supportive and understanding, and avoid sending anything unkind. And most of all, be patient. Remember that there is a human being behind every project. I no longer want the reward, can I have a refund? It is up to BEHIND GAME GROUP to decide whether they are in a position to offer refunds. If the funds have already been used to pay for production, materials, postage, or a person’s time, then a refund may not be possible. WORTH FUNDS is not a store and BEHIND GAME GROUP are responsible for the final delivery of their rewards, including deciding what their refund policy will be. It’s important to keep in mind that requesting a refund while the project is still progressing could seriously impact BEHIND GAME GROUP's effort to bring their project to life.
  • How do I provide a creator with my shipping address and reward details?
    Once a project has reached its funding deadline, BEHIND GAME GROUP will send a survey in order to request any information they need to fulfill rewards. This may include size, color preference, flavor choice, etc, as well as your shipping address, where applicable. We don’t collect or store your shipping information at checkout. BEHIND GAME GROUP may use WORTH FUNDS’s survey tool or a third-party service, such as BackerKit, to send their surveys. I haven’t received a survey for a project I backed As with all things, BEHIND GAME GROUP will approach surveys in a way that works best for them. Some may send surveys as soon as the project ends, while others may wait until they’re ready to start preparing rewards for shipping. This could be a few weeks after the project ended, or six months later. If you think you might have missed a survey email, don’t panic, simply log in to your WORTH FUNDS account to check. If BEHIND GAME GROUP is using WORTH FUNDS’s survey tool and you’re viewing the site through a desktop browser, you’ll see a notification at the top of the page for any surveys awaiting response. On our iOS and Android apps, you can access any pending surveys via your Activity feed. Once you complete a survey through BEHIND GAME GROUP, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes a copy of your responses. If you haven’t received a survey via WORTH FUNDS, it’s possible that BEHIND GAME GROUP is still preparing the survey and will send it out when ready. Remember, each project is different and will have it’s own distinct timeline for production, surveys, and shipping. Alternatively, BEHIND GAME GROUP may be using a third-party survey provider, such as BackerKit, to collect responses from backers. We recommend checking the project’s Update section for any information on the survey, or reaching out to BEHIND GAME GROUP directly. How can I save my shipping address on WORTH FUNDS prior to receiving a survey? You can save your preferred shipping address to your account and have it ready for future surveys sent via Kickstarter WORTH FUNDS. To save your shipping address, log into your account, and visit the 'Shipping address' tab on the Settings page of your account. Here you’ll be able to add your address by filling out the required fields and clicking ‘Save’. Can I change my shipping address after I submit the survey? If BEHIND GAME GROUP used WORTH FUNDS to send their survey, and they have enabled address changes. Please note that viewing or changing your response to a survey is only possible on a web browser. If BEHING GAME GROUP has enabled address changes, you’ll notice an option to edit the address that will allow you to change your shipping information If you have multiple projects with open surveys, and you’d like to update your shipping information on all of them at once, you can now update all eligible pledges with the same address from the 'Shipping address' tab found under the Settings page of your WORTH FUNDS account. To do so: Make sure you’ve saved the new address onto your ‘Saved addresses’ list. If you have saved addresses stored already, you should see them listed on the right hand side of your screen Click on “Apply to all” on the desired address to apply this across all eligible surveys. If the new address is in a different country than what was originally selected when pledging, you will not be able to update the address as shipping costs may change. In this case, you’ll need to reach out to BEHIND GAME GROUP directly to discuss alternative delivery options Please note that, once BEHIND GAME GROUP is ready to begin shipping rewards, they may remove the option to further edit shipping information and you will have 48 hours to finalize any changes. If BEHIND GAME GROUP has not enabled address changes, or you’d like to modify your responses to any other questions on this survey (reward size, color, etc.), you should message BEHIND GAME GROUP directly from your Backed projects page. If the creator used a third-party survey provider (such as BackerKit) to collect survey responses, and you need to make any changes, we recommend contacting BEHIND GAME GROUP directly. Can I change the shipping country for my reward? As a reward’s shipping cost is determined during the pledging process, and this payment is taken as part of your pledge total, it’s not possible to change the country to which your reward will be shipped via the survey “Edit address” option. Changing the address to a different country may affect the cost of shipping, so we do not allow backers to change the shipping country themselves. If you do need to change your reward shipping address to a different country from the one you selected when pledging, please contact BEHIND GAME GROUP to see if such a change is possible. I need to change the shipping address but the survey is closed If BEHIND GAME GROUP has closed the survey, it’s likely that they are now finalizing plans to begin shipping rewards. To let them know of any changes to your shipping address we recommend reaching out to them as soon as possible, before shipping begins, by sending them a message through WORTH FUNDS. You could also post a comment on their project page to remind them to check their WORTH FUNDS inbox for your new address. **Never post your full name, shipping address, telephone number, or email address in a comment - always send this privately as a direct message. All comments are public and can not be deleted.**
  • What do I do if there are additional shipping costs?
    When planning a project, one of the more complicated steps BEHIND GAME GROUP may face will be calculating the costs of shipping their rewards. As a backer, it’s important to keep in mind that BEHIND GAME GROUP is making something new. Sometimes this will be their first time managing a certain type of project with production and shipping costs, and they may have limited experience in anticipating changes that could translate into unexpected fees. We do urge BEHIND GAME GROUP to research and plan all costs involved in completing their project, and ask that they communicate realistic expectations for backers, but sometimes unavoidable issues (and unforeseen costs) are inevitable. It’s important to keep in mind that even with a thoroughly detailed shipping plan BEHIND GAME GROUP can’t control all external factors. It could be that the shipping partner they were planning to use has increased their prices, or the packaging they had intended to use is no longer viable. It’s not uncommon, or against our rules, for BEHIND GAME GROUP to wait until after the project ends to charge shipping. This way they can ensure that they are charging the correct amount needed to cover costs. If at checkout the shipping fee was zero, or an unusually low amount, we recommend double-checking the project page for any information the creator may have shared about their shipping plan while their project was live. If you encounter a situation where BEHIND GAME GROUP charged shipping while their campaign was live, but is now announcing additional costs, we recommend reaching out to BEHIND GAME GROUP directly with any questions or concerns. Since it’s up to BEHIND GAME GROUP to determine costs for their project, and WORTH FUNDS is not involved in this process, they are the best person to address any concerns. While we know these kinds of obstacles are not optimal, we hope that backers and BEHIND GAME GROUP can work together to understand and overcome them. We expect BEHIND GAME GROUP to bring their project to a satisfying conclusion, and understand that in some cases the costs involved with shipping may be what’s holding things up. WORTH FUNDS isn’t able to resolve disputes between backers and creators, so in instances where there are additional shipping costs you will need to work with BEHIND GAME GROUP directly to find a resolution.
  • What if something goes wrong after a project is funded?
    One of the best parts about being a backer and supporting creative projects on WORTH FUNDS is getting a front row seat to the creative process. In exchange for your pledge, you get a window into what it’s like to bring something new to life, from concept to production. As a backer you can also opt to receive a reward in return for your financial support. Sometimes, however – and despite a creator’s best intentions – things don’t go according to plan. It’s important to keep in mind that backing is not buying, and rewards are not guaranteed. The estimated delivery date has passed and I haven’t received my reward The first thing to note here is that the estimated delivery date is just that, an estimate. This date is determined by BEHIND GAME GROUP as their best guess for when backers will receive their rewards. It’s an estimate because it can often be tricky to determine exact dates so early on in the creative process, when a project is still in its beginning phase. The project itself must first be completed before rewards can be fulfilled. As such, it’s not uncommon for refinements and modifications to push back a project’s estimated delivery date. In cases where BEHIND GAME GROUP is delayed, we expect them to be open and honest with their backers, and properly communicate any changes to their project’s timeline. The estimated delivery date passing does not mean that you won’t still receive your reward. I have questions or concerns about a specific project or reward The first place we recommend looking if you have specific answer about in the project page. BEHIND GAME GROUP are expected to share news of their progress and/or challenges in updates, so that’s often a good place to start. In instances where BEHIND GAME GROUP hasn’t posted a new update in the last 4 weeks, you can anonymously request a new update. If the next update they post doesn’t address your specific question we recommend sending them a direct message through WORTH FUNDS. I still haven’t heard anything after reaching out to BEHIND GAME GROUP We expect BEHIND GAME GROUP to always keep their backers informed. However, each project may approach their communication differently. Keep in mind that you may not receive a response right away – BEHIND GAME GROUP is likely working hard to complete their project, and are communicating with backers as fast as they can. Don’t be dismayed if it takes longer than you expected to receive a response. If you’ve already checked the Updates project, requested a new update, and reached out to them via WORTH FUNDS direct messages, we recommend waiting a week or two before taking any further steps. A project’s inbox can quickly become overwhelmed. In some cases, BEHIND GAMEGROUP may move their communications off of WORTH FUNDS after their project ends, or they may be more responsive elsewhere. Check if BEHIND GAME GROUP might have listed the project own website, social media pages, or a direct email address in previous updates or in their creator bio. As a next step we recommend reaching out to a creator through their own website or social media. If you are still having trouble connecting with BEHIND GAME GROUP, even after giving them a reasonable amount of time to respond (think two weeks, not two days), you can let us know by sending a message to our Support team. Make sure to outline the steps you’ve already taken to contact BEHIND GAME GROUP, and let us know a little more about the nature of the issue. In certain instances, our Support team may be able to send a message to BEHIND GAME GROUP, as an extra way of reminding them to check in with their backers. While WORTH FUNDS can provide guidance to BEHIND GAME GROUP when delays happen, and remind them of their obligation to keep their backers in the loop, we don’t step into the actual fulfillment process.
  • What is a Project Update Request?
    We understand that it can be frustrating when BEHIND GAME GROUP hasn’t posted a new update in a while, and at WORTH FUNDS we expect creator to maintain a cadence of one new update a month. In instances where this has not happened we give the backers of that project the option to send an anonymous update request. After submitting a request, we will send an email to BEHIND GAME GROUP letting them know that their backers have requested a new project update. We encourage you to make an update request prior to direct messaging BEHIND GAME GROUP, leaving a comment on the project page, or writing in to our Support team. How can I submit a Project Update Request? For an eligible project (one where BEHIND GAME GROUP has not posted a new update in over 4 weeks and they are yet to finish fulfilling their rewards), you can make an update request at the top of the project page. I requested a project update, what should I do if BEHIND GAME GROUP still hasn’t followed up? While we expect and encourage BEHIND GAME GROUP to post an update once a month until they have finished fulfilling rewards, finding the time to write updates alongside managing a project can be difficult, especially in instances where the creator is doing everything on their own. MY BODY GROUP will approach this in a different way and a lack of communication doesn’t mean that MY BODY GROUP has given up. After requesting an update we recommend giving MY BODY GROUP at least a week or two before attempting any other means of requesting an update, such as sending them a direct message through WORTH FUNDS. The creator may be receiving a lot of requests which may mean they are taking longer to get back to everyone. What if BEHIND GAME GROUP posts an update that doesn’t address my question? BEHIND GAME GROUP may have planned their update content in advance, or have received a lot of questions that they are addressing as quickly as they can. If the next update the creator posts doesn’t address your specific question we recommend sending them a direct message through WORTH FUNDS.
  • The reward I received is not what I expected
    WORTH FUNDS is a place to bring creative ideas to life, and we do our best to give them the support and freedom necessary to do so. We expect BEHIND GAME GROUP to make every effort to complete their project as promised, however we also understand that creating something new can be a long and complicated process, with twists and turns along the way. It’s not unusual for a reward to have gone through some changes, or new iterations, since the prototype stage, and it’s important to be prepared that what you receive may be a little different from what was initially presented. BEHIND GAME GROUP may have had to source alternative materials, move production to another factory, or just simply had to revise their original plans. Can I return or exchange my reward? WORTH FUNDS is not a store, and when you backed BEHIND GEME GROUP’s project you weren’t buying or pre-ordering an existing product from them. BEHIND GAME GROUP may not have the means to offer a return or exchange of the reward you received.
  • Why am I being asked to pay customs fees for my reward?
    When BEHIND GAME GROUP sends a reward to another country they have a legal responsibility to properly declare the items being shipped, including the value of the goods, on a customs form. Any duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees that may be levied on a reward as a result will be the responsibility of the backer. Each country will have their own rules in place with regards to imported items and we advise checking this prior to pledging. It’s our expectation that BEHIND GAME GROUP are upfront about this while their project is live, but in instances where this information is not readily available we recommend checking with BEHIND GAME GROUP. A project’s location does not guarantee that rewards will ship from there.
  • There is an issue with my reward
    I received a tracking number for my reward but it hasn’t updated When BEHIND GAME GROUP are preparing their rewards, they may generate all shipping labels with their chosen shipping partner in one go to have everything ready. They may also send the information to backers ahead of shipping to help them keep track. Please keep in mind that receiving the tracking number does not mean that your reward is ready to ship. As a first step, make sure to check BEHIND GAME GROUP’s updates to see where they are in their shipping plan. If after two weeks you’re still unsure of the status of your reward, we’d recommend reaching out to BEHIND GAME GROUP to check in. It’s important to be patient during this time, especially if BEHIND GAME GROUP is in the middle of dispatching potentially hundreds of rewards. My reward is stuck at customs When a reward is being shipped to another country, BEHIND GAME GROUP will have needed to fill in a customs form to declare the items being shipped and the value of the goods. Each country will handle imports differently, and it’s not uncommon for items to get held up. In these cases the only option is to be patient and wait for customs to clear your reward for delivery. If there are any duties, taxes, or customs clearance fees levied on your reward, you should receive more information, alongside steps for paying this, from the shipping partner handling your shipment (e.g. Royal Mail, La Poste, FedEx, UPS, etc). In instances where details are missing from the customs form, or additional information is being requested, you will need to reach out to BEHIND GAME GROUP directly. BEHIND GAME GROUP is responsible for the fulfillment and shipping of rewards and will be best placed to help. I only received part of my pledge If you received your reward but there was something missing from your pledge, we recommend first checking the estimated delivery date for all items within your pledge. If everything was expected to ship together you should reach out to BEHIND GAME GROUP. In cases where a pledge included multiple items, and the project offered add-ons, BEHIND GAME GROUP may have chosen to ship in stages. It’s possible that some rewards had a different estimated delivery date. If further information about BEHIND GAME GROUP’s shipping plan can’t be located on their project page or in an update, we recommend getting in touch with them directly to clarify. My reward has broken or stopped working BEHIND GAME GROUP have their own policies in place here, and some may have included a warranty with their rewards. If your reward has stopped working or broken within this timeframe you should reach out to BEHIND GAME GROUP.
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