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WORTH FUNDS is a service of KNOWING CAPITAL which is officially launched since February 2023 by Yan Yan, Accountancy expert, and Kolia Louison, Digital Marketing and Data Protection expert.

Their aim is to put in practice an advanced and ingenious business strategy and further to digitalise the financing of a set of creative  and ambitious entrepreneurial projects. 

This robust economic partnership started with the drive to determined how to develop the experience of crowdfunding and endow a meaningful financial service.Thus, rather than to design a classical crowdfunding platform, Kolia Louison mediates a private community crowdfunding program. 

WORTH FUNDS campaigns make ideas happen in a close relationship with the associates that comes together to fund them.


Business can be a tool of impact in actively promoting the wellbeing of the community and the environment. 

BEHIND GAME GROUP initiated a compendium of subsidiaries bodies focused on supporting general wellbeing by capitalising the underwriting of donors, contributors and investors. 


Recalibrate the direction of Startups

We mediate funds in support of research and development. 

We impact and stimulate business growth and employment, bringing a new perspective to work effectiveness. 

We agency entrepreneurial innovation with a deep sense for environmental awareness, aligning with EU objectives. 

Our mission is to create an ecosystem of enterprising bodies that will transform in a positive way  the community through sustainable financial wellbeing.


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