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Donation with or without

Compensation and Pre-Order

This fundraising method is also used by companies and brands to pre-sell new products, services and event tickets.

Crowdfunding existed long before the Internet and new technologies have simply allowed crowdfunding to grow and become accessible to all. 


Crowdfunding is direct funding by people.
It helps you fund all your projects by leveraging communities and the general public through online platforms.


Crowdfunding in the form of donations is particularly suitable for creative, associative and entrepreneurial projects. 

Crowdfunding donations

A creator launches a fundraising campaign, initiating one of the  subsidiaries projects, so the members are able to support it with a traditional donation or a pledge.

Knowing Capital sets up a fundraiser through Worth Funds platform, persuading the community of donors and supporters to engage. 

In exchange, the project leader can thank the backers with a reward adapted to the amount pledged.


Pledging campaign in exchange for rewards

A successful fundraising reaches its goal within a timeframe, set by the project leaders. Nowadays that's somewhere in between 30 and 90 days. In exchange for a donation or a pledges, the creators offer backers rewards related to the funded project.

  • Rewards are diversified, adapted to the project and to the pledge amounts.

  • Rewards are sent by mail or delivered personally, meeting the backers.


Presale campaign

During a successful fundraising campaign, the project leaders presell a specific number of items within the set time limit. This fundraising method allows the creators to offer individual objects or services.

The presale is ideal when launching a brand, a new collection, a new product, or a  prototype...

  • Rewards are sent after a number of pre sold items are in the process of manufacturing or marketing process.

  • Reward offers can be in several colours, sizes or distinct patterns. 

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