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Capital Investment

This fundraising method is also used by companies and brands to launch or expand startups and young companies.

Worth Funds offers the opportunity to subscribe to shares online, to take part in the capital of a company, and thus to become a shareholder, starting with €500.


Investing in a startup can allow you to obtain attractive returns within 5 to 8 years. 

Crowd-equity allows individuals and professionals to collectively invest in startups or European SMEs.

Crowdfunding in the form of capital investment is particularly suitable for companies development aiming to grow their activity, recruitment, or to carry out a communication campaign.


A creator launches a fundraising campaign, presenting one of the  subsidiaries projects, so the members are able to support it with their investment.

BEHIND GAME GROUP's subsidiaries and affiliates generates a set of strategies to attract funds through Worth Tears platform so the community of donors, investors, associates, volunteers and supporters are invited to share and mobilize their resources. 

Individuals or SME's can invest in startups and young companies in exchange for an equity stake and thus become shareholders.

Shareholder Company

Buy shares via my company

Engage your company in the FUTURE OF WORK change, chose remote work and flexible spaces.

We have 2 offers, named “Remote Deal” and “Work Change”.

Want to discuss on your future commitment ?

You have 3 action-levers in your hands :

Reduce the emissions produced throughout your value chain (by your employees, suppliers, partners, customers etc.)

Book online meeting avoiding gas emissions

Finance startups and projects in favor of remote employment

What does investing in

You will be investing in Startups, becoming owners of shares capital, acting in consequence both for human wellbeing

and planet protection.

Worth Funds Black logo

Remote Deal : 

Your job ads, with at least 2 days of work in remote per week, are relayed on our site

You will be granted a dedicated page on our website and know the amount of your investment

Offer My Body Funding's shares to your collaborators and customers

As a company, depending on the number of employees, it is required to be invested a minimum amount, in order to become a WORTH FUNDS's shareholder.

Work Change : 

You benefit from the Remote Deal's advantages

You can share one of your employees temporarily available to the Startup that you are financing to boost it

Other on-demand options are available.


You have access to a document summarizing our companies offers.


If you still have questions, you can get in touch with one of our team members here.

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